Photoshop & Lightroom

Photoshop & Lightroom Courses

Beginner Photoshop & Lightroom


Photoshop Foundation - Level 1

Photoshop Foundation is aimed at complete beginners who are looking for a comprehensive introduction to the image editing program.[learn more]


Photoshop Summer School

Learn the complete foundations of Adobe Photoshop over 4 days on our Photoshop Summer School. [learn more]


Photoshop For Graphic Design

This course will offer a detailed overview of the tools that every Graphic Designer needs for a clients pitch, or to be added to a design portfolio. [learn more]


Lightroom Foundation

This course will take you from the setting up of this affordable piece of software, looking at importing your images, editing and organising them. [learn more]

Intermediate Photoshop Courses


Photoshop Foundation - Level 2

This intermediate level Photoshop course is aimed at those who want to take their image retouching & manipulation to the next level.[learn more]


Retouching for Fashion & Beauty

The course will teach you step by step the processes used within the fashion and beauty industry, from organizing and structuring a workflow to thinking about the overall look of the image and the final creative touches.[learn more]

Advanced Photoshop Courses


Retoucher Pro

This course is aimed at budding professional retouchers and photographers / assistants looking to do their own high-end retouching. [learn more]