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In recent years, PCL has increasingly been asked to deliver tuition to individuals and teams within businesses ranging from SMEs to large corporations.

This demand is only increasing as social media begins to mature, product life cycles continue to shorten, and the volume and variety of marketing communications proliferate in line with improved data and media fragmentation.

To remain competitive, marketing departments have to almost be run as mini-publishing houses, with a constant stream social media content, professional employee headshots, exciting event imagery, product photography, and more…not to mention the Photoshop requirements that arise on almost a daily basis.


With this increased demand for businesses to put out quality media which both promotes their products and strengthens their brand, it’s becoming less and less practical to rely on the old outsourcing model – calling your agency or freelancers every time you have a requirement. Equally, it makes little sense to employ photographers and Photoshop specialists full-time.

This is why we developed In-House Photography Training, which is designed for businesses that have a requirement for high-quality imagery but, want to increase creative control whilst reducing the turnaround times and costs of outsourcing this increasingly frequent and important work.

In-House Photography Training very quickly arms your employees with the skills they need to take the highest quality photographs and use Photoshop like a pro.

The course is designed to fit around your particular business requirements and can be run on-site or at our studio over the course of a full day, or split into smaller bite-sized chunks. We also offer bespoke training and advanced supplemental courses for those that have specific requirements.


Previous clients of ours, such as Getty Images, have found this training to be a valuable investment which has contributed hugely to reducing costs and turnaround time executing their ideas. Furthermore, by giving employees the skills they need to execute their creative ideas, we have found that the quality and originality of the imagery these clients are producing has also improved, due to the more integrated nature of the creative process from idea to execution.

With our In-House Photography Training, we are focused on supporting businesses give their employees the skills they need to meet the challenge of the content-economy – empowering them to execute high-quality imagery, whilst reducing costs and turnaround time.

Increase creative control. Reduce turnaround time. Minimise outsourcing costs.


Please call our office for further information and to discuss your requirements on 020 7729 1936 or fill out the form below to register your interest and we'll contact you.

In-House photography training

'Such a cool environment with very polite and knowledgable people. I am extremely happy with the quality of my 3 hours one-to-one tuition. Highly recommended – the environment and the people scream quality.’
★★★★★  Angelos Nastos Megas.'

'It was a very professional yet friendly and informal day. Well paced for a range of people, good detail without getting 'over technical'.’
★★★★★  Allan O'Neill.'

'I cannot fault Photography Course London, from my first email to them through to my One To One tuition, I cannot speak highly enough of them. I’ve previously tried one other course in London (Covent Garden) but everything about Photography Course London was is a class apart. I can’t wait to go back for the next part of my course.’
★★★★★  Nathan Barnes.'

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