Digital Photography Summer School

Digital Photography Summer School

Day course | Tue - Fri | 10.30 - 13.30 | 10 places | £299
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Course description

Our Summer School is aimed at complete beginners who own a digital SLR or bridge camera and want to maximise its potential. Delivered in the day and in a classroom environment, participants will be taught via a combination of theory and practical exercises, both inside the classroom and outdoors.

Each participant on this course will begin by learning how to fully operate their camera as well as understand the fundamentals of photography, such as how to make correct exposures and understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Participants will then go into exposure in-depth, understanding histograms, white balance, shooting RAW, light metering and more. Also covered is lenses, filters and focal lengths as well as understanding perspective and composition using a combination of creative and technical knowledge.

The final session will involve an outdoor practical assignment where participants can put what they have learnt into practice. This will be followed by a review of images back in the classroom, as well as discussing storing, cataloguing and backing up images and the best programs for post production such as Photoshop and Lightroom.
Participants will be provided with a course handout and are also invited to bring along an image for discussion.

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Course Content:

  • Buttons and functions
  • Menus and settings
  • Aperture
  • Shutter-speed
  • ISO
  • Exposure
  • Introduction to White Balance
  • Auto Focus and Focus Points
  • Manual Focus
  • Exposure compensation and exposure lock
  • Basics of RAW
  • The light meter
  • Metering modes
  • Aperture and shutter speed priority
  • Manual mode
  • Depth of Field
  • Freezing and blurring motion
  • Basics of composition
  • Optimising the camera settings

  • Exposure in depth
  • Calculating exposure in Stops
  • Histograms and Tonal Range
  • Understanding and recognising correct exposure using Histograms
  • Metering modes
  • Bracketing
  • HDR
  • Lenses
  • Focal length
  • Prime vs zoom lenses
  • Lens impact on Depth of Field
  • Angle of View and perspective
  • Filters
  • Custom White Balance
  • Colour temperature
  • Calibrating and profiling (camera, monitor, printers)
  • RAW vs Jpeg
  • Bit Depth
  • Sensor sizes
  • Noise
  • Manual Focus vs Auto Focus
  • Incident and reflective light metering
  • How the digital image is constructed and how it differs from film
  • Composition – utilising creative and technical knowledge
  • Flash – main source of light and fill in
  • Reflectors
  • Lens flare
  • Discussing the purpose of Photoshop and post-production

    Requirements: Digital SLR Camera or Bridge Camera with fully manual controls.

    Don't have your own DSLR camera?

    If you don't have your own Digital SLR camera then there's no need to worry. You can hire one of ours for £15 per day. Send us an email for more details -

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    ‘Really great course which teaches you everything you need to know about your DSLR camera and how to get the most out of it. I went there because I use photography for work, but after the course, I really wanted to take up photography as a hobby, it was just so inspiring!’
    ★★★★★  Anne Nordheim

    ‘I took the intensive Level 1 intro to DSLR photography on Saturday and it was well worth it. Liane was an excellent, engaging, animated teacher.’
    ★★★★★  Bob Hanson

    ‘Great course, I really enjoyed it and came away with a good understanding of the basics and a strong desire to get out and take some pictures! Liane was a very enthusiastic and friendly tutor and created a great atmosphere amongst the group.’
    ★★★★★  Simon Waterhouse

    ‘I was really pleased, I came away from the day with all the fundamental tools to inspire me to use my camera properly and get off the auto mode. Our tutor was fabulous- enthusiastic, patient, explained everything really well and made the day fun. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to move up a gear in using your camera and being more creative behind the lens.’
    ★★★★★  Liz Campbell

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