One to One Capture One Pro

One to One Capture One Pro

Capture One is the most popular shooting software in the industry. Widely used in all branches of photography, C1 allows you to import, manage, and tweak your images in real time whether you shoot tethered or untethered. This intense course aims at those serious photographers who want a tool that allows them to make the most of their images as they shoot them.

The course will cover how to set up sessions, name files, tweak images through styles or manually, shoot tethered and untethered, develop files and create digital contact sheets and web pages.

Suggested Topics

  • Introduction to Capture One
  • Workspace, and customisation options
  • Importing files, preview options, and automated backup
  • File management
  • Tethered & untethered shooting
  • Keywording & leveraging of digital assets
  • Image editing and time management
  • Quick develop & advanced image development; making the most of RAW images
  • Creating, using, and saving presets
  • Exporting files and integration with Photoshop
  • Creating and exporting slideshows/contacts
  • Production of web pages


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    ‘I found the one-to-one to be interesting and enlightening. My photos are now being filed in a way more manageable manner and I now feel more confident with the mechanics of the camera. 4 Hours passed by very quickly and I feel that I learnt a lot!’
    ★★★★  Jetje Japhet

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