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Digital SLR Pinhole Workshop

This course has now ceased running but is still available as a bespoke course for groups. Please contact our office for information on our analogue workshops, or if you have any further questions - 020 7608 0000. Many Thanks.

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Course Description

This 3 hour workshop will introduce you to the camera obscura and the fundamentals of pinhole photography. You will make your own pinhole body cap and turn your DSLR into a digital pinhole camera.

The workshop will commence with a historical and technical introduction drawing on 2500 years since the first written record of a camera obscura, the theory of how pinhole works and therefore its potential uses and creative potential.

Next, each participant will prepare their DSLR's for a picture taking session outdoors. You will be guided through the production of your own pinhole camera covers, and will also have access to pre-made pinhole body caps for your cameras. Nikon and Canon SLR Body Cap's will be provided - other models ie. Sony, Fuji etc. will have to bring their own body caps.

The group will experiment with creative techniques such long exposures.

The workshop will round up with a review of the work produced in the day and you will go away armed with the tools to build your own pinhole lenses and keep experimenting.

For further information or to book over the phone, please call us at the office on 020 7608 0000.

Requirements: Digital SLR Camera, a good understanding of your camera settings and a basic understanding of exposure

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More About Pinhole Photography
Pinhole photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole replaces the lens and as light passes through the hole; an image is formed in the camera. The image formed inside the pinhole camera has traditionally been exposed onto a roll of film or photographic paper, but when using a Digital SLR camera, the sensor replaces the film or paper. Exposure time is longer and images produced are softer and often painterly in appearance with a vignetting effect.


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"Digital SLR’s are perfect for taking pinhole photographs as you can instantly see your results and easily adapt an SLR camera to produce stunning pinhole images..."

Luke, Londoners Eye

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